The concept of a Professional Organization for Ghanaians in North America was born in December 2007. Fundraising and mobilization for the Ghanaian Professionals of North America began in January 2014. GPNA’s first official program was held on June 7, 2015. It was conducted by Davidson Zigah and other founding members.

The organization aims to provide a positive platform for investment, to aid, educate, and mentor one another as Ghanaian professionals and students. We provide networking opportunities, which will lead to thriving members’ businesses, academics, and investment education. We address community issues regarding health, immigration, job search, and placement. In addition, we support and mentor youth to make strategic decisions towards a successful future.

We are continuously making efforts to coordinate and to be a liaison between other chapters in North America, and to provide forums where they can socialize with other potential investors to bring about successful projects to help develop our beloved Ghana and give back to our communities in Chicago.